The hydrogen and
fuel cell center


Dr. Christian Spitta

Dr.-Ing. Christian Spitta

head of
Department hydrogen infrastructure

phone: +49-203-7598-4277

Hydrogen infrastructure

The hydrogen infrastructure is a key component for the successfull implementation of fuel cell vehicles. Main aspects of the hydrogen infrastructure are hydrogen storage, hydrogen transport and hydrogen dispensing.

In cooperation with research institutions and partners from the industry ZBT develops solutions for various hydrogen infrastructure topics and offers partners the following engineering services:

Hydrogen storage

  • Characterization of hydrogen storage materials
  • Mapping of metal hydride hydrogen storage systems

Hydrogen distribution

  • Fuelling station concepts
  • Energy and CO2 Analyses
  • Standards

ZBT is a member of the "Clean Power Net" (CPN). Main focus is the standardization of hydrogen infrastructure for stationary, local applications.

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Last update:  04.09.2023