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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Oberschachtsiek

technical operations manager ZBT &
Commissary Head of

Department Electrolysis

phone: +49 203 7598-4280
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PEM electrolysis

PEM water electrolysers are already being marketed by the industry with system capacities ranging from one to several hundred megawatts. The advantages of high efficiencies, high current densities and simple system designs are offset by the necessary use of noble materials and the associated relatively high investment costs.
For further improvement of the technology, research activities on materials and components as well as on degradation analysis and lifetime prediction are therefore required, for example.

Examples of our work

electrolysis stack test bench up to 35 bar (anode and cathode), 2,000 A, 40 kW
Dynamic investigation of electrolysis systems within the framework of Carbon2Chem
Development of components for electrolysers
Last update:  07.09.2023