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Department Electrolysis and Batteries

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portrait of Dr Moritz Pilaski

Dr Moritz Pilaski

New Materials and Technologies

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Research and development for electrolysis

For the generation of hydrogen by electrolysis of water ZBT develops and operates laboratory test cells in order to characterise cell components like membranes, catalysts and electrodes. Materials which can be used at PEM-Electrolysis or at alkaline membrane electrolysis (AEM-Electrolysis: Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis) are under investigation.

Materials can be supplied by project partners or customers. Catalytic coating of electrode substrates can be also done at ZBT by means of spray or doctor blade coating processes.

For operation and characterisation of single cells or small stacks different test rigs and cell concepts are available. Current-voltage response curves and electrochemical impedance spectra can be measured and analysed.

Field of work and services

  • Design and construction of test cells
  • Development and testing of electrodes in laboratory scale
  • Set up and operation of test cells
  • Measurement of current-voltage response curves
  • Impedance spectroscopy
  • Laser optical flow measurements
Last update:  20.02.2023