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Dr.-Ing. Marco Grundler

group leader compound
Department fuel cells and stacks

Tel.: +49 203 7598-1175

Continuous production of foil based graphite bipolar plates

In addition to the classic hot pressing or injection molding of bipolar plates for fuel cells, batteries or electrolysers, ZBT is researching the continuous production of foil-based graphite bipolar plates by means of an extrusion process.

The production of thin-walled graphite bipolar plates with high corrosion resistance has been successfully demonstrated. This method offers great potential for process-side cost reduction in the production of bipolar plates, especially when integrating the forming of the flowfield & cooling structures of the bipolar plates by stamping or continuous rolling.

Using various extrusion tools, film widths up to 350 mm and thicknesses from 400 µm to 2 mm can be produced in any length.

Continuous production of foil based graphite bipolar plates
Last update:  19.12.2023