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Dispersion development for functional layers

A stable catalyst dispersion is the basis for each further production step up to the finished CCM (Catalyst Coated Membrane) or MEA. We have extensive experience in the production of various dispersions for electrode layer production on both the anode and cathode side.
We have the ultrasonic bath, the sonotrode and several shear force dispersers (Kinematica Polytron, Sugino) at our disposal. For the characterization of the dispersions we use devices for measuring particle size, zeta potential and viscosity. In cooperation with the University of Duisburg-Essen in the neighbouring building NETZ, complex analysis based on dispersion-transmission data in combination with a sedimentation centrifuge is also possible.

  •     Dispersion adapted for different application methode

    •         Ultrasonic bath
    •         Sonotrode
    •         Various shear force dispersers

  •     Analysis

    •         particle size
    •         Zeta potential
    •         Viscosity
    •         Transmission/sedimentation (centrifuge)

Last update:  06.10.2020