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Dr. Ulrich Misz

Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Misz

head of
Department fuel cell systems

phone: +49-203-7598-3313

Controller technologies for fuel cells

Controll board

A controll board specially laid out for the control of fuel cell systems has been designed. The board is able to be used for a bandwidth of fuel cell system architectures and allows an easy programming of control strategies. Data akquisition, control signals and communication moudles are integrated on the board. Programming of the Atmega128 processor is possible using Matlab-Simulink. 

analogue input 70 .. 5V, filtered,10 Bit sampling
analogue input10 … 55 V, (1:11 voltage divider)
driver for compensative current inverter1+ - 12V
analogue output20 … 5 V, max. 20 mA, 12 Bit
analogue output20 … 10 V, max. 20 mA, 12 Bit
digital output8<40 V, <10 A
digital input/output 8CMOS-/TTL-level
PWM output3<40 V, <20 A, < 2 kHz
PWM output3CMOS-/TTL-level, <2 kHz
I2C1< 400kHz
RS-2321<= 115200 bit/s
USB (seriell Com-Port)1<= 115200 bit/s
JTAG1for programming

this part has been developed within the project „Brennstoffzellen-Hybridsystem“ 286 ZBG, sponsored within Industriellen Gemeinschaftsforschung by BMWi.

data akquisition module - autarkic supervision for single cells, pressure and temperatures


As seperate module a single cell voltage monitoring system including temperature measurement (16 channels) was developed. This module can operate autarkic from the controller module. 

single cell voltage monitoring temperature measurement pressure sensors
number of measurements 48 channels 16 channels (differential measurement) Max. 3 Sensors (Type AMS5812)
measurement range 50 V/channel (against(GND)) 1,25 V for thermo voltages up to 1000 °C depending on sensor
sample rate up to 22 ms per channel, 3 channels nearly simultaneously up to 160 ms per channel, 2 xhannels nearly simultaneously Max. 2 ms
effective accuracy > 5 mV > 40 µV depending on sensor

This module has been developed within the project „HySport“ , supported within NIP by BMVBS (03BS205B). 

Last update:  31.03.2020