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Peripheral components for micro fuel cells

The miniaturization of fuel cells can be only successfully achieved if the corresponding peripheral components such as pumps, valves, hydrogen storage devices and electronics can be designed sufficiently small and compact.

Hydrogen storage

Hydrogen storage is one of the central aspects of the development of micro fuel cell systems. The energy density and therefore the runtime of the overall system are mainly defined by the kind and size of the storage device. The use of pressure tanks in low-temperature micro fuel cells is not possible; therefore, the department of micro systems and fluid mechanics focusses on the integration of alternative storage technologies, e.g.:

  • metal hydride storage
  • chemical hydrids
  • hydrocarbons (methanol, ethanol)


Together with experienced industrial partners the departement of micro systems and fluid mechanics is working on the integration of micro pumps in  micro fuel cell systems developed by ZBT. This includes comprehensive work on modification of the pump concerning the specific demand of the fuel cell, for example in the field of chemical resistance, volume flow rate, energy consumption or size.


In a current project together with industrial partners the department has developed and tested microcontroller-operated electronics as automatic control unit for (micro) fuel cells. A first application is planned for an emergency power unit for hospital beds.

Field of application

  • Integration of peripheral components in micro fuel cell systems
Last update:  31.03.2020