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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Oberschachtsiek

head of
Department Hydrogen and Batteries

phone: +49-203-7598-4280
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Hydrogen and Batteries

The department Hydrogen and Batteries comprises three main working areas. The first one is concerned with hydrogen storage, where the main focus is put on metal hydride storage systems. Tank design and special applications such
as autarkic energy systems are investigated. The second working area concentrates on producing hydrogen especially by electrolysis. Low temperature, as well as high temperature PEM-electrolysers will be examined. Furthermore,  Lithium-Ion-Batteries are addressed, representing the third working area of the department. The focus of the activities is on preparation, testing and optimisation of anodes and cathodes for prismatic cells. Large-scale test electrodes are  manufactured and tested physically and electrochemically in order to optimise the production processes.



  • Development of electrodes for Lithium-Ion-Batteries of different geometries for laboratory use
  • Physical characterisation of electrodes
  • Electrochemical test of battery cells up to 5 A / 6 V
  • Impedance spectroscopy of half and full cells


  • Design and construction of test cells
  • Development and testing of electrodes in laboratory scale
  • Set up and operation of test cells
  • Measurement of current-voltage response curves
  • Impedance spectroscopy

Hydrogen storage

  • Characterisation of metal hydride tanks up to about 1 Nm³ hydrogen capacity
  • Development of storage concepts
  • Design of storage systems
  • Characterisation of materials
  • Optimisation of storage tanks
Last update:  18.03.2019