The hydrogen and
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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Oberschachtsiek

head of
Department Electrolysis and Batteries

phone: +49-203-7598-4280
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Department Electrolysis und Batteries

With the increasing generation of electricity from renewable sources, the problem of storage and defined provision of energy is becoming more and more important. The use of hydrogen as an indirect storage medium and the use of batteries for direct buffering of electrical energy are two possible approaches to solve these problems. Hydrogen production by electrolysis is therefore an important focus of the department. In addition, hybridisation, i.e. coupling with other energy systems such as batteries, is becoming increasingly important in the field of fuel cell systems. Consequently, the development of innovative battery technologies, which are particularly suitable for combination with fuel cell systems, is another focus of the department.

Examples of our work

electrolysis stack test bench up to 35 bar (anode and cathode), 2,000 A, 40 kW
Dynamic investigation of electrolysis systems within the framework of Carbon2Chem
Development of components for electrolysers
Development of innovative battery concepts

Our potential

For our work we have an extensive infrastructure at our disposal, which allows us to both research the production of the individual components and validate the results in a realistic environment.

  • Outdoor area with the possibility to set up and test container-based electrolysis systems up to approx. 150 kW electrical connected load
  • Electrolysis stack test stand up to 35 bar (anode and cathode), 2,000 A, 40 kW
  • Test stations for single cells and small stacks
  • Ex-Situ analysis (material properties, 3D scan)
  • Different software tools (CAD/CFD/CAM and Multiphysics)
Last update:  31.03.2020