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Dr.-Ing. Jörg Karstedt

head of
Department fuel cells and stacks

phone: +49-203-7598-1178
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Department fuel cells and stacks

Our goal is to develop efficient, robust and industrializable fuel cells for mobile and stationary applications. The components bipolar plate, coating and seal as well as the bracing concepts of the stacks are the focus of our work. We design the individual components and lay out complete stacks. With a view to the specific application, we combine function and production. The focal points of our work are:

  • Design and layout

    • Bipolar plate (compound & metal)
    • Seal
    • Stacks
    • Clamping concepts

  • Qualification and testing of stack components
  • Production technologies
  • Consulting and studies

Examples of our work

Automotive fuel cell stacks
Outdoor - UPS optimized fuel cell stacks
In-Situ characterization of metallic bipolar plates coatings
Gasketing "Seal on Plate"

Our potential

We are a team of 15 employees. For our work we have an extensive infrastructure at our disposal, which allows us to both research the production of the individual components and to validate the results in a realistic environment.

  • Technical center for Compounding
  • Dispenser technical center
  • Stack and cell construction
  • Stack test benches
  • single cell test benches
  • Ex-Situ analytics (material properties, 3D scan)
  • Various software tools (CAD/CFD/CAM and Multiphysics)
Last update:  17.08.2023