The hydrogen and
fuel cell center


Dr. Christian Spitta

Dr.-Ing. Christian Spitta

head of
Department hydrogen infrastructure

phone: +49-203-7598-4277

Department Hydrogen Infrastructure

We develop solutions for the future hydrogen infrastructure. In particular, we develop efficient & safe distribution and filling station concepts including the necessary components as well as a cost-effective hydrogen quality management.

The R&D work at ZBT addresses filling station configurations with different storage and refuelling pressure levels, booster and overflow refuelling and different pre-cooling variants as well as refuelling protocols (e.g. for heavy duty applications). The work includes development and characterisation of components, systems and qualification under real conditions. Furthermore, the Hy-Lab of ZBT is established as European hydrogen quality laboratory. Samples of hydrogen from filling stations and other points in the hydrogen supply chain are taken and analysed according to DIN EN 17124. Harmful gas investigations on fuel cells are carried out in cooperation with the Fuel Cell Systems Department in order to develop proposals for adapting the limit values defined in the standards. In addition, test methods for components and processes are being developed. Consulting on filling station concepts and pilot projects as well as training courses are being offered. The focus of our work is:

  • HRS hydrogen refuelling station development

    • Component & system development
    • Qualification under real conditions
    • Safety engineering
    • Concepts
    • Modelling and simulation

  • Hydrogen quality

    • Hydrogen sampling
    • Hydrogen quality analyses according to DIN EN 17124

  • RCS and test methods
  • Consulting & Studies
  • Trainings


Hy-SaM – Hydrogen sampling device for HRS
gas switchboards in the hydrogen testfield
Hydrogen Quality Laboratory HyLAB
Hydrogen Region Düssel-Rhein-Wupper

Our potential

We are a team of 10 employees. For our work we have an extensive infrastructure at our disposal, which allows us to research the development of the individual components, to validate the results in a realistic environment and to test hydrogen qualities:

  • Hydrogen test field

    • Test platform of a hydrogen filling station
    • Hydrogen quality laboratory, Hy-Lab, incl. test benches for harmful gas tests on fuel cells
    • Hy-SaM sampling device

  • MobFuelH2 - Test platform Mobile refuelling unit
  • Analytical laboratory desulphurization
  • Different software tools (CAD/CFD and Multiphysics)
Last update:  31.03.2020