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Dipl.-Ing. Jens Wartmann

Head of department
New Materials and Technologies

phone: +49-203-7598-3336
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Department new materials and technologies

The core task of the department is the development of inventions in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology and a systematic transfer of these into application-oriented research.

This includes the analysis and development of new materials and processes. In the research group, novel materials for fuel cell components such as bipolar plate coatings, seals, layer materials of the membrane electrode assembly are analysed using various measurement techniques and their possible applications are investigated. The characterization of new materials (material discovery) as well as the optimization of measurement methods and novel processes are in the foreground. The fields of application of the materials and technologies range from small portable fuel cell systems to future-oriented applications in shipping and aviation.

Standardisation measures are used to acquire new methodological skills. Product and process optimisation as well as the development of test concepts for different fuel cell types (NT-PEM, HT-PEM, NT-AEM) are also in focus of the work. Questions concerning the design and characterisation of fluid mechanical components are additionally dealt with using simulation and modelling approaches (CFD).

Examples of our work

In-situ investigations on materials for fuel cells
Study of novel electrochemical conversion processes
Investigation of fuel cells with Particle Image Velocimetry PIV and other analytical methods
CFD calculation of flows in electrochemical reactors

Our potential

Machine equipment

  • Micro-milling machine / HSC linear machining centre
  • Laser processing system Micro Line 1000 P/S (LPKF)
  • Speedy 300 cutting and engraving laser (Trotec)

Measurement equipment

  • confocal microscope µsurf costum (nanofocus AG)
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (Agilent Technologies)
  • Test rigs for the characterization of micro fuel cells (hydrogen, methanol)
  • Particle Image Velocimetry System (125mJ Nd:YAG double pulse laser, CCD cameras, high-speed camera, Scheimpflug adapter; LaVision GmbH)
  • Micro Particle Image Velocimetry System (2x10mJ Double Cavity High-Speed Laser, inverted epifluorescence microscope, CCD camera; LaVision GmbH)
  • Mercury Pressure Porosimeter Pascal 140/440, Thermo Scientific Fischer

Software equipment

  •     AVL Fire
Last update:  01.09.2022