The hydrogen and
fuel cell center

Duisburg on the way to becoming a hydrogen city

We have been researching hydrogen and fuel cell technology at the ZBT for 20 years. But now the topic has gained considerable momentum and is on everyone's lips - also here in Duisburg. Dorothee Lemken, research associate at the ZBT tells ...

Dorothee Lemken, research employee in our Hydrogen Infrastructure department, tells us in a film and feature as part of the "Duisburg ist echt" campaign why she believes hydrogen technology is a crucial building block in the energy transition. And why the city of Duisburg is exactly the right place to set the course for the future. What the hydrogen campus on the grounds of Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann is all about and what research and development opportunities could arise.
Read and watch now on the campaign page "Duisburg ist echt" (only available in German):

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