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Latest information on our scientific projects

Here we do inform you on our current projects at ZBT. You will find the published project reports in our publication list. For any further inquiries please contact us directly.

Can bipolar plates be made thinner and cheaper by reinforcing compound films with carbon fibre? Researchers from ZBT and Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials are investigating this idea.
Compressing hydrogen efficiently and cost-effectively – an important building block for the use of H2 in industry and mobility. Under the project title "InnoKomp", ZBT and plant manufacturer Theisen are developing and qualifying a new electrochemical compressor system to increase efficiency in the storage, transport and delivery of hydrogen.
As part of the MetroHyVe2 project, the first comparison of all European hydrogen sampling strategies for hydrogen filling stations was carried out at ZBT.
Projektergebnisse in vier Bänden: Virtuelles Institut „Strom zu Gas und Wärme“ hat PtX-Technologien analysiert.
Demonstrating a power-to-gas process chain including various technologies such as photovoltaic, electrolyser, methanation and direct air capture
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