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Latest information on our scientific projects

Here we do inform you on our current projects at ZBT. You will find the published project reports in our publication list. For any further inquiries please contact us directly.

In order for hydrogen to help reduce emissions from heavy-duty transport, standardised sampling systems are needed for refuelling facilities at 350 bar to monitor hydrogen quality. The MetHyTrucks project aims to contribute to this.
The ZBT presented itself at this year's hy-fcell in Stuttgart with the BePPel test stand for measuring the electrical resistance of bipolar plates and the Open Fuel Cell. There was also information about the ZBT's services and the innovation hub cH2ance.
Dr Marco Grundler and Paul Stannek from ZBT are pleased to receive the "GVT Project of the Year 2023" award. Together with researchers from the Rhineland-Palatinate Technical University (RPTU), they have developed heat exchanger plates made of graphite-filled polymer for corrosive environments.
New NOW study sheds light on "Development paths for the hydrogen infrastructure of the future".
At this year's Electrochemical Cell Concepts Colloquium - E3C, Dr. Marco Grundler from ZBT won the audience award for the best presentation. His keynote "Sustainable production of bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells" convinced the participants.
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