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Latest information on our scientific projects

Here we do inform you on our current projects at ZBT. You will find the published project reports in our publication list. For any further inquiries please contact us directly.

Campfire partners met at the ammonia campfire at ZBT for the workshop "Emission-free Maritime Propulsion".
MAT4HY.NRW brings together research institutes and industrial partners to develop cost-effective materials for the mass production of hydrogen. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is funding the project, in which ZBT is also involved.
The task of the Trans4ReaL project is to bundle the research results of the Living Labs of the Energy Transition and to derive approaches for action from them. A report on the current need for action in the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy has now been published.
Together with partners, the ZBT is developing a process for the economic production of sensor fuel cells in small runs using 3D printing and electroplating technology. Such cells are used in the development of fuel cell systems.
Researching and developing new energy conversion and storage technologies for a future energy system based on green ammonia is the focus of CAMPFIRE, an alliance funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with more than 80 partners from industry and science. In addition to technical implementation, legal framework conditions and acceptance issues are also being considered.
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